Titans rookie Corey Davis to miss at least a week with hamstring injury

The Titans got a scare Friday when rookie receiver Corey Davis left practice early with a hamstring injury.

Davis, the fifth overall pick of this year’s draft, had an MRI later Friday and Titans coach Mike Mularkey said Davis avoided serious injury.

According to multiple reporters present at practice, it all started when the pair came together after an incomplete pass in the end zone during a drill. Things escalated when both players removed their helmets and started to go at it.

The Boston Globe noted that Edelman was seen throwing Gilmore to the ground before being pried off by fellow wideout Chris Hogan. Although the incident didn’t last more than 15 seconds, coach Bill Belichick upheld his rule that any fight during practice results in an automatic ejection and did not hesitate to kick them off the field.

Edelman, 31, led the Patriots in receiving last season with 98 catches for 1,106 yards. He had three touchdowns as he averaged 11.3 yards per reception.

Gilmore, 26, signed a five-year contract worth $65 million earlier this offseason after five seasons with the Bills.

The Cardinals, just one season removed from an NFC Championship Game appearance, are primed to turn the page on the Carson Palmer era as the veteran quarterback enters his age-38 season. If he retires, Cousins could slide into his spot in the lineup — and play for a coach who just wrote a book called The Quarterback Whisperer. Arizona has a worse offensive line than Washington, and the team’s receiving corps needs an infusion of talent — Larry Fitzgerald can’t play forever — but having David Johnson around is like having a cheat code in the backfield.

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