The Dodgers expect to trade for Sonny Gray, Yu Darvish, or Justin Verlander

The Dodgers tend to ignore adding a high-profile starting pitcher at the trade deadline, even when they’ve been rumored to be interested. This deadline seems different, though, as rumors have only intensified as July 31 approaches, and we’re not at the stage where the Dodgers are increasingly confident that they’ll land one of Yu Darvish, Sonny Gray, or Justin Verlander in a trade, according to’s Jon Morosi.

It makes a lot of sense, as we’ve covered in this space before. Yu Darvish would only be a rental, but he’s an ace the Dodgers could use at a time when Clayton Kershaw’s back makes the limits of his contributions more uncertain than they’ve been in the past. Justin Verlander would cost less in terms of prospects, and the Dodgers could absorb the $56 million still owed to him between 2018-2019 with more ease than maybe anyone in the game. Then there is Gray, who would be expensive (and maybe the most expensive of the trio), but who also has two years of team control remaining after 2017, so he wouldn’t be a rental: He’d be an investment in the present and the future.

Adrian Beltre was ejected from Wednesday’s Rangers’ game before he could attempt getting his fourth hit of the day, as he was asked to move to the on-deck circle. Beltre’s reaction was to move the on-deck circle to him, and sense this umpire lacks a sense of humor, that was game over for Beltre.

The Tigers are having trouble moving Justin Verlander thanks to his contract, which shouldn’t be a surprise given he’s owed $56 million after 2017 and has been about league-average this year.
Speaking of expensive veterans tethered to their franchises, Albert Pujols’ 2017 has … not been good.

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