Should the Orioles buy, sell, or stay at the MLB trade deadline?

Imagine a room filled with smart baseball people. Maybe not the smartest, but people who know the game. People who know how teams are constructed, where their strengths are, where there might be weaknesses. This is the front office of the Baltimore Orioles.

Now imagine some of these people at the same time concluding that the Orioles’ rotation was fine. They went and ticked off a bunch of boxes, and everything looked swell.

My god, could you imagine how hilarious it would be for the Red Sox to place David Price on revocable waivers just to see what would happen? The entire controversy happening in the northeast right now, between a player and former player both known for being a wee bit touchy (at times!), is fairly ridiculous.

But even fairly ridiculous controversies can be made funnier by a team out-and-out trolling its fans (and the easily incensed local media) with a move like this. Of course, a trade would probably also not happen seeing as Price is once again having elbow issues. So considering that and his seven-year, $217 million contract that runs through 2022, he’s not the most reasonably priced option. Also, the whole the Red Sox probably need Price to stay in first place thing. Details.

Because of that last bit, even if someone claimed Price on waivers the Sox would pull him right back to Boston and keep him with the team and maybe deal with more fan ire in the process. But it’s really, really funny to think about the team committing to the bit so thoroughly that it would even put him on waivers in the first place.

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