Cody Bellinger is modern baseball, and that’s not a bad thing

However, eight minutes before sending that, Sports Illustrated tweeted out their new cover story from the ridiculously talented Tom Verducci. It’s titled What Happened To Baseball?, and Bellinger makes an appearance.

He’s in the last paragraph, where he’s used as an example of how baseball is changing for the worse.

Nearly perfect. A few sessions with Wakefield, and he’d get that wrist straightened out exactly as it needs to be and that pitch contorting like it should. Tebow would get those sessions, too: Knuckleballers are a tight knit bunch, and each new generation of knucklers learns from the previous one to keep the dying art alive.

That was a notable hit, since Schwartz had then struck two home runs in two separate games on the same day, whereas Wake’s Aiello had hit two home runs in a single game on consecutive days. What the hell.

Then he had a 19-year major league career that included two World Series rings, a third-place finish for the 1995 Cy Young award, an all-star appearance, and a spot in the Red Sox Hall of Fame.

It’s not like that is just one photo captured at the exact wrong time to make Tebow look bad at the whole quarterbacking thing. Jon Bois wrote probably the lengthiest story ever published at SB Nation on the premise that Tebow threw a football really, really weird by America’s standards.

Everything about his time as a quarterback was unorthodox, but maybe, just like when Bois suggested the NFL was the wrong football league for him, Tebow just hasn’t been put in the right situation in baseball to succeed with the gifts he does have.

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