The team will make a decision to determine if he can play Sunday against the Buffalo Bills later this week.

The league itself held non-profit status and had been exempt from taxes since 1942, which sounds ridiculous considering the amount of revenue it generates each year. But it’s important to know that the league office was the entity with the exemption. The 32 individual teams are subject to taxes.

The NFL was able to secure tax-exempt status as a trade association, but these days, it doesn’t really resemble one of those. The public began to focus on the fact that the league wasn’t paying taxes on its revenue, and with a commissioner who was making around $44 million a year at last count, that was bound to raise some eyebrows. So the league voluntarily gave up its tax-exempt status in 2015.

The issue is more about pain tolerance than anything. Koetter said there is no risk of further injury.

The way I understand it, he will be cleared medically to play, Koetter said. I know Jameis can handle a lot of pain — that’s not gonna be an issue — I think it’s going to be more of, ‘Does Jameis feel like he can play at the level he needs to play at?’ Obviously, the No. 1 thing in all of this is Jameis’ long-term health. That has to be the No. 1 thing.

When the Panthers brought Peppers back, they were hopeful he would be able to fill a ‘veteran depth’ role on the defensive line while the young guys got the chance to have break out seasons. Instead, it is Peppers who is having another break out season and is reminding Panthers that this new guy in town might just be the same guy they drafted in 2002. I’d say the Panthers made a good decision to bring him back, wouldn’t you?

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