They’re not intending to use free agent Latavius Murray and rookie Dalvin Cook the way they used Peterson.

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The teams, then, have to do the learning. Yet it’s still routine in the NFL for players to come in as pet projects of the owner (hello, Johnny Manziel). It’s still routine for coaches and quarterbacks to be on different pages.

And it’s absolutely routine for quarterbacks to find themselves dealing with new coaches every other year … or every year … or before their first year is up. Speaking of Mariota and the Titans, by the way.

Thus, the Vince Young story should be required reading for Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Deshone Kizer and the other precocious quarterbacks Cheap Pirates Jerseys entering the league this year. Mahomes in particular — the general manager who drafted him in Kansas City is already gone, all of two months later.

The lesson: When things go bad, plenty of times it’s you. But just as often, it’s them … and it just doesn’t have to be.

They’re not intending to use free agent Latavius Murray and rookie Dalvin Cook the way they used Peterson. They both have skills in the passing game that Peterson only occasionally did. And, of course, those two are not intended to be workhorses on the ground, not with what the Vikings want to do.

How Shurmur plans to use Murray, Cook, returnee Jerick McKinnon and others, and in what combinations, should be creative and, likely, liberating for longtime observers. Cook in particular is the future, and at his best, he can do it all.

Why he’s here: The Giants gave him a monster contract last Cheap Qld Jerseys winter to fix their bullpen woes. It hasn’t quite worked out that way, as Melancon has as many blown saves this season as he did in all of 2016 and has found his way to the DL twice. It’s not much better than what the Giants got from their bullpen last year, only it’s costing them a lot more money this time. In a year when almost nothing has gone right for the Giants, Melancon’s performance still manages to stand out.

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