Team rosters and the full schedule are listed below

In addition, a shooting foul on a missed shot will result in one free throw, and the location of the foul shot will vary. If a player is fouled on a 2-point attempt, he will shoot from the free-throw line. If a player is fouled from beyond the arc, he will shoot from the top of the 3-point line. Same with a 4-point attempt.

Instant replay applies in the new league, too.

Not only does the league boast some of the game’s greatest players of all time, but The Big3 made sure it got the coverage it wanted. Fox Sports 1 will have Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson and Michael Rapaport doing weekly game broadcasts.

Team rosters and the full schedule are listed below; the season Cheap Quality Jerseys will wrap up with the playoffs in Week 9 and the Championship Finals in Week 10.

The Pirates make their second contribution to this list in Sprague. 1999 was his first season in Pittsburgh following several seasons in Toronto and a brief pit stop in Oakland. Sprague was Pittsburgh’s lone representative on the NL team this season, and he came into the game hitting .300/.402/.545 with 16 HR and 53 RBIs.

While those numbers are solid, Sprague was the beneficiary of the “every team must be represented” rule. Chipper Jones started slowly but ended up having the best offensive first half for a third baseman in the NL. Surprisingly, he was left off the All-Star team. Jones would go on to win the MVP this season, so he probably hasn’t lost much sleep over it.

2013 was the first season Brown received regular playing time in the outfield, and he parlayed that opportunity into an ASG appearance. Brown joined Cliff Lee in representing the Phillies at the ASG in 2013. Brown’s first half included an impressive 23 home runs. He hit .273/.320/.535 over that stretch. Brown’s rates held steady in the second half, but the power dropped off considerably. He last appeared in the majors in 2015.

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