Larry Brown: Phil Jackson should coach Knicks if he wants triangle offense

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Phil Jackson isn’t technically coaching the Knicks, but his coaching philosophy is being pushed on the actual coach, Jeff Hornacek.

The triangle offense took a bit of a leave of absence leading into the All-Star break but has now been brought back. Jackson even seemed giddy about its return as he sent a tweet last week that included an emoji of a triangle along with a birthday wish to the offense’s creator, Tex Winter.

Hornacek also confirmed the new(ish) offense by saying, “There is more of (the triangle). I couldn’t give you a percentage.” Players like Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose also discussed the return of the offense.

But if anyone is worthy of consideration among the favorites, it’s Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas. The 5-9 dynamo is walking the walk, posting 29.7 points per game, good enough for No. 2 in the league, and dominating fourth quarters like few before him to lead Boston to a No. 2 in the Eastern Conference standings.

Apparently, he’s already an MVP trash talker. During the Celtics’ 107-97 loss on the road against the Raptors, Toronto’s DeMarre Carroll was whistled for a flagrant foul NBA Jerseys Cheap after shoving Thomas to the floor in transition. Following the game, Thomas gave Carroll a piece of his mind through the media.

“It was intentional. Did you see it? Yeah, that’s not a basketball New Nike NFL Jerseys play by any means, ” Thomas said. “Guys who aren’t factors in games do stuff like that. It is what it is. You can’t do nothing in this league anymore. It’s not like back in the day. You could put your hands up and fight. You can’t do that. That was not a basketball play whatsoever, and it’s not cool that he did that.”

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