Rudy Gobert calls out Jazz teammates: ‘Some of us don’t compete’

After Utah’s 108-95 loss to the Clippers on Saturday, Jazz center Rudy Gobert called out some of his teammates for being more worried about their stats Cheap Bruins Jerseys than winning.

Gobert, who scored 26 points and added 14 rebounds in the loss, didn’t single out anyone, but he’s clearly concerned as the Jazz lost for the fourth time in five games.

“We’ve got guys that compete, but some of us don’t compete. Some of us just think about scoring,” Gobert told ESPN. “That’s what it is. … Coach (Quin Snyder) keeps repeating it: We’ve just got to compete. We’re too nice. Those guys, we know they’re going to get calls. We’ve just got to come out aggressive and ready to fight.

“We were trying to open the game up so the current players could run some of that stuff and still have the triangle set where we can get into some stuff. As it turns out it, looking back, it probably wasn’t the greatest thing to do because you’re not focused on one or the other,” coach Jeff Hornacek said Wednesday, via “You’re not getting enough of the same repetition of the same play and they can make reads off it. It’s something we have to make a decision on and just go with it.”

In order to go at this 100 percent, the team needs players who are committed to the offense. Hornacek made it pretty clear that if the players now don’t want to embrace it, then the front office will find players who are.

“If we think that we can somehow, with a fresh start of training camp and go to it right off the bat if that helps us and Phil [Jackson] and [GM] Steve [Mills] we think maybe the same guys on this team could have a different outlook on it then we’ll stay the same,” Hornacek said. “If not they’ll look at other guys.”

We’ll see if the triangle works for New York Cheap Custom Baseball Jerseys next season. We already know it hasn’t been working well this year as the Knicks are 4-10 since the All-Star break.

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