Kings Twitter trolls Cavaliers after OT win in Cleveland

The Kings’ Twitter operator wasn’t going to let the team’s overtime win in Cleveland on Wednesday go to waste.

What, exactly, did the Cavs do to deserve that, other than winning the Finals and celebrating with the fine people of Cleveland for days on end?

Others used the easy retort that the Kings haven’t been to the playoffs in 11 years. That drought might end in 2017 as Sacramento (18-27) has a shot at the eighth seed in the West. We know Cleveland (30-14) has almost clinched a spot in the East, although LeBron James sounds nervous about the club’s long-range prospects.

Games are supposed to hurt. You’re not supposed to sleep. You’re not supposed to want to talk to anybody. I don’t know if that is in guys in this locker room. Hopefully, they can prove me wrong. But I will challenge them to Cheap European Soccer Jerseys see if losses like this hurt … They have to figure it out as Cheap Fishing Jerseys individuals. Guys have to look at themselves in the mirror and see if you really care enough. Are you putting everything into it for your teammates and for yourself? I would say no.

Butler then put in his two cents, backing Wade.

Enter Rondo and what quickly became the World’s Most Famous Instagram.

Using his days in Boston with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce (my vets) as a counterpoint, Rondo unloaded on Wade in an Instagram for not practicing since December and missing games, and then castigated Wade and Butler for changing the offense because it didn’t suit them.

I could take that as a personal attack, he said. But what’s that going to do for me? Come in here and fight Rajon because he said his vets practiced every day? I’m 35. I’m not practicing every day. That’s very clear.

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