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Top NBA DFS stars and bargains for Tuesday

Each day, we provide you with the best players to target in your daily fantasy hoops leagues, from high-priced stars to solid midrange values to cheaper, riskier players who carry upside.

In general, you want to use safer options in your cash games and rely on some riskier, high-upside options in your bigger tournaments. If you can average at least five points per $1,000 of salary, you’ll typically end up with at least some cash in your pocket.

We didn’t talk, Smith told ESPN. He sent me a text [Monday], and I told him, ‘No problem.’ I didn’t know that it was a ‘talk.’

Smith acknowledged he was surprised by the change.

That’s all right, though, Smith said. I’m not upset about it. I just wish there would have been more dialogue, I guess.

This is the second time this season that Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue has demoted JR Smith from the starting five to the second unit. Jason Miller/Getty Images
When asked what his role will be now, Smith said, Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know.

The Los Angeles Times says the 56-year-old was ordered to complete a nine-month alcohol program and pay $390 in fines.

Rodman was arrested Jan. 13 in Newport Beach after being pulled over for a traffic violation. Police said he failed field sobriety and breath tests.

His attorney, Paul Meyer, said Monday that the sentence reflects Rodman’s commitment to treatment. Meyer says the Hall of Famer has accepted responsibility for his sobriety.

Paul, who finished with 18 points and nine assists, wowed the crowd in that stretch, crossing Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys over Forbes before sinking a basket and then knocking down a 3-pointer on Houston’s next trip down the court.

The special, hosted by Soledad O’Brien, features Simpson’s sit-down interview with book publisher Judith Regan, and will include a panel of analysts, including Christopher Darden, one Cheap NFL Jerseys China of Simpson’s prosecutors from his criminal trial.

In 1995, the Simpson was infamously found not guilty in the murders of his ex-wife and Goldman. Two years later, Simpson was found liable for their deaths in a civil trial and was ordered to pay over $33 million to the families of the victims.

Cody Bellinger is modern baseball, and that’s not a bad thing

However, eight minutes before sending that, Sports Illustrated tweeted out their new cover story from the ridiculously talented Tom Verducci. It’s titled What Happened To Baseball?, and Bellinger makes an appearance.

He’s in the last paragraph, where he’s used as an example of how baseball is changing for the worse.

Nearly perfect. A few sessions with Wakefield, and he’d get that wrist straightened out exactly as it needs to be and that pitch contorting like it should. Tebow would get those sessions, too: Knuckleballers are a tight knit bunch, and each new generation of knucklers learns from the previous one to keep the dying art alive.

That was a notable hit, since Schwartz had then struck two home runs in two separate games on the same day, whereas Wake’s Aiello had hit two home runs in a single game on consecutive days. What the hell.

Then he had a 19-year major league career that included two World Series rings, a third-place finish for the 1995 Cy Young award, an all-star appearance, and a spot in the Red Sox Hall of Fame.

It’s not like that is just one photo captured at the exact wrong time to make Tebow look bad at the whole quarterbacking thing. Jon Bois wrote probably the lengthiest story ever published at SB Nation on the premise that Tebow threw a football really, really weird by America’s standards.

Everything about his time as a quarterback was unorthodox, but maybe, just like when Bois suggested the NFL was the wrong football league for him, Tebow just hasn’t been put in the right situation in baseball to succeed with the gifts he does have.

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It’s a last refuge for those failing to find success elsewhere.

With the ‘Noles up 2-1 in the top of the sixth, FSU first baseman Drew Mendoza’s solo homer to right landed smack in the middle of the Seminoles’ bullpen, and it pushed the FSU lead up to 3-1. But Fullerton answered in the bottom of the frame with a Timmy Richards two-run shot to left center that landed in nearly the exact same spot where he hit a three-run bomb in Game 1 on Saturday. Monday’s blast chased FSU starter Drew Parrish, who’d up to that point thrown 5 2/3 innings of solid work, from the mound.

From there, Florida State plated three runs in the top of the seventh to bring the score to 6-4 and no more scoring would occur on the day. With the loss Fullerton’s second in Omaha the Titans were eliminated from the tournament after beginning it as a No. 4 seed in the Long Beach regional.

Oregon State and LSU faced off in the nightcap, a much anticipated matchup between a pair of tournament powerhouses. The Beavs rode a 22-game winning streak into the park, while the Tigers were sitting on 17 straight wins of their own.

Steven Wright, another Red Sox knuckler, was a regular old pitcher in the Indians organization until a switch in his mid-20s brought him to the knuckleball. After a few years of tinkering with it, sage advice from Wakefield himself, and some opportunities in the majors, Wright has put together a productive five-year stretch for Boston, culminating in an all-star berth last summer.

The knuckler isn’t something players start out with: It’s a last refuge for those failing to find success elsewhere. .

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I’m really confused by why (catchers getting maimed) gained so much attention

It really wasn’t a huge deal. Rizzo is the Jim Thome of his generation, someone who spends more time ranking his favorite Halloween candies than thinking about ways he can be mean to other people, and I’m willing to believe his slide was an instinctual move fueled by adrenaline and immediacy.

But Maddon keeps doubling down. In an interview with 670 The Score on Tuesday, he intimated that this wouldn’t have been a problem if Buster Posey wasn’t a weenie who was out of position when a runner shattered his ankle.

I’m really confused by why (catchers getting maimed) gained so much attention, except for the fact that Buster Posey got hurt a couple years ago. If it was a third-string catcher for the Atlanta Braves who got hurt three years ago, this wouldn’t even be in existence.

McGwire went to USC instead of the Expos, where he would have pitched. Posey would have been pitching with the Angels, probably in relief. Jack Clark walked 19 batters in 15 innings while hitting .321 with power, and the Giants figured that one out pretty quickly.

I do want a simulation that lets us see how well these players would have hit if they were full-time pitchers. They would have been awful, probably, because even the best-hitting pitchers are awful. The best comparison for what would have happened is probably Ken Brett, who is one of baseball’s all-time best what-if stories. He was a great hitter for a pitcher, but he could have been a great hitter for a hitter if someone, somewhere, pushed him down a much different career path.

Would this team have been one of the best ever? It would have the funniest infield defense ever, I’m pretty sure. And they would probably sock a few dingers, especially when the #9 spot came up. My idea of heaven is a place with a computer that can run these simulations, and it would take me about 200 years to get sick of it.

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Florida catcher JJ Schwartz then answered in the top of the eighth with his own solo homer over left

Wake opened Game 2 on top, 5-4, but Florida soon tied it up in the top of the sixth on a sacrifice fly. The Demon Deacons’ Johnny Aiello answered with a solo shot to left in the bottom of the seventh, his second home run in the game.

Florida catcher JJ Schwartz then answered in the top of the eighth with his own solo homer over left, which landed somewhere out near the Gators’ basketball facility. Schwartz has struggled at the plate lately, and he was one of two hit batsmen in the super’s wild 11-inning opener on Saturday night.

Nobody could do any damage through the rest of the game, though, so thus knotted at 6 all to extra innings they went. In the bottom of the 11th inning, Wake’s Gavin Sheets broke through with a single to right, then big bat Ben Breazeale homered in the same direction and the Deacs took Game 2, 8-6. Suddenly the best of three series was tied up at one game apiece, forcing a rubber match later in the afternoon.

Stage 2 was the decline, the injuries. This was a tale as old as time, with the All-Star succumbing to the ravages of time and the limitations of the human body. After averaging 216 innings for eight seasons, Colon spent four seasons falling down the mountain, unable to crack 100 innings in any of them. After four injury-marred seasons, Colon missed the 2010 season entirely. He was 37. He was finished.

And that’s the nondescript story of how Colon’s career ended. Happens to the best of them really.

He set the Mets record for most consecutive innings without a walk (48?), and he threw 38 consecutive strikes in a game against the A’s, which was the most by any pitcher since 1988. He lurched back into our consciousness with the Yankees, picked up Cy Young votes with the A’s, and then thrived with the Mets.

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Bennett then dinged left fielder Josh Watson for his second runner of the inning.

Beginning with a fielding error by shortstop Kramer Robertson, the wheels came entirely off LSU’s bus for the rest of the night. Gilbert then gave up consecutive singles and a walk, which plated two runs. A wild pitch advanced Trevor Larnach to third, and that was all LSU skipper Paul Mainieri would need to see. Goodbye, Gilbert.

Pitcher No. 2 was done. 2 2/3 innings pitched, four hits, two runs, and 15 batters faced.

On came swing man Nick Bush, then, who could hopefully end the frame and push through the middle innings to put the Tigers in position to come back in this thing. He walked the first batter he faced but struck out the next and that ended the Beavs’ batting in the fifth.

Still, though, Bush was not long for this game, as Mainieri hauled up Todd Peterson to handle duties on the hill after Bush walked the first batter he faced in the sixth. That didn’t go so well.

With Wanhanen on second, Bennett then dinged left fielder Josh Watson for his second runner of the inning. He was by then up to pitch 44 of the outing, and thoroughly smarting from TCU’s extended at-bats. That trouble only led to more, as a wild pitch moved both Horned Frogs over, and suddenly the threat was on.

Ryan Merrill then shot a single through, and that plated both Watson and Wanhanen, but not before an umpire review of Watson’s slide at the plate. He was safe close, to be sure but he was clearly safe, and that put the Frogs up, 3-0. Two outs, Merrill on second, and Louisville putting up action in the bullpen.

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I watched all 31 stolen bases against Miguel Montero so you don’t have to

Posey’s injury had a great deal to do with the eventual rule, for sure. But it was just a brick in a larger wall. Eventually people realized it was absurd to keep running into that wall, head first. The setting of Avila’s injury crystallized an argument that was already clear, and it was a fresh data point to discuss that offseason.

Now that we’ve got the history lesson out of the way, here’s the other thing that bothers me about Maddon’s opinions when it comes to home-plate collisions: They’re dumb. Incredibly dumb. I’ve been on this beat for years, and my side won. We have occupied the dummies, and we have kicked them out of power. It’s over. There are occasional wussification grenades thrown in our direction, but nothing we can’t handle. Or mute.

The home-plate collision used to be the only time in a baseball game when it was acceptable for a runner to attempt to get the ball out of a fielder’s mitt. It wasn’t any different than this:

On Tuesday afternoon, the Washington Nationals stole seven bases against Jake Arrieta and Miguel Montero. It was a historically humiliating performance, the worst one either member of the battery has ever had. It was the kind of day that can make players snap.

He’s in the right place for this career move, too. You think Tim Wakefield converted to the knuckler and the mound after years of success as a position player? Wakefield spent his early 20s hitting as poorly in the low minors as Tebow has, and he switched to pitching full time at 23.

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