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Shelton was traded this offseason, along with a fifth-round pick, to the New England Patriots for a third-round pick.

The Patriots already turned down his fifth-year option, meaning that they believed Shelton’s value on a one-year deal was roughly worth a top-100 pick in the draft.

That begs the question: Why did Cleveland move Shelton? Shelton played the second-most snaps among defensive tackles for the Browns last year behind Trevon Coley. Despite playing nearly 200 reps fewer than Coley, Shelton finished with only one tackle at or behind the line fewer. Despite being a hulking nose tackle, Shelton was making plays in the backfield.

Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrance Williams has a dead cap number worth $2.5 million more than his cap hit this year, meaning that after years of not meeting expectations, he somehow still costs more to release than to keep. Williams’ contract situation is why he is still on the 2018 roster while Dez Bryant sits in free agency.

Unfortunately for Dallas, Williams, who posted a career-low 568 receiving yards in 2017, may have to start 16 games for the team. Here are the career receiving yardage totals from the Cowboys’ top veteran receivers:

For Leonard, it doesn’t make sense for the Spurs to trade him (if he’s healthy) or for him to want to leave. From the Spurs’ perspective, he’s too talented to let leave. From Leonard’s perspective, there’s way too much money on the table that only the Spurs can offer him. Unless the relationship is irreparably strained and Leonard doesn’t care about the money, it’s tough to imagine a trade happening. It would be difficult for San Antonio to get fair value back, and the organization has shown in the past it’s not going to simply give away a disgruntled star for pennies on the dollar.

Vinnie Iyer (NFL writer): Although history shows trading players with their unique combination of superstardom and sudden baggage is always difficult, it would be a little easier for the Spurs to move Leonard than the Giants being able to deal Beckham. There’s more tangible and reasonable return for Leonard’s services out there and less question marks about the overall impact he can have on another team. Weighing all the personality, durability and contract issues Beckham has, New York is limiting its suitors with its unreasonable asking price.

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NBA playoffs 2017: Gregg Popovich compares Manu Ginobili to Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan

With their backs against the wall, the Spurs are likely facing another transition phase next season with the aging Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. The team has been able to rebuild without David Robinson and Tim Duncan, but Ginobili, who doesn’t know if he’ll play beyond Monday’s Game 4 of the Western Conference finals, could be the hardest of all to replace.

An earlier “NBA 2K” sim showed how the Bulls would dominate another great all-time team in the 1985-86 Celtics. I’s time to find out whether the Warriors would fare better in challenging them for the crown.

We ran through 50 total simulations in “NBA 2K17” with the latest rosters, as well as the appropriate rotations and allotment of minutes. With that many simulations, there’s no question which team “NBA 2K” believes would emerge victorious in a seven-game series.

The ruling? The 1995-96 Bulls should still be considered the greatest team in the history of the NBA. The Bulls won 39 out of 50 series, giving them a 78 percent chance of coming out on top. It’s worth noting 20 of those 39 series did go seven games, so it was at least competitive in many of the simulations.

Jordan won MVP in every single one of the Bulls’ victories. Durant Blue Jays Cheap Jerseys was the MVP in eight of the Warriors’ wins, while Stephen Curry picked up the other three.

The best name in the first round is also a pretty good safety. Clinton-Dix Basketball Cheap Jerseys has been a fixture in Green Bay’s secondary, never missing a single game in three years and recording a career-high five interceptions last season. He’s the bright spot in a Packers defense that’s otherwise struggled with consistency. steelers_033