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Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas blames everyone for Monday’s loss to Clippers

Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas is a fiery player.

The two-time all-star called out everyone associated with Boston’s 116-102 loss to the Clippers Monday, stating the way the team lost was Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys “unacceptable.”

Thomas led the Celtics, who led by three points at halftime, with 32 points on 10 of 19 shooting. He also added five assists and three steals. However, just one other starter — Avery Bradley with 14 points — managed to reach double figures.

Wade was averaging 19.2 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.9 assists in 30.2 minutes per game in his first season with his hometown Bulls, who are 32-36 and a game out of the Eastern Conference’s No. 8 spot going into Thursday’s games.

It’s unclear from the Bulls’ announcement whether Wade would be available should the team rally in the season’s final two weeks to clinch a playoff berth.

On Wednesday, Wade expressed uncertainty before the nature of the injury was uncovered by the MRI exam.

“My concern level is there’s only 14 games left, and I’ve never had this injury, so I can’t say two days, two weeks. I don’t know,” he said.

With Wade out, it’s likely Denzel Valentine (7.8 ppg) will be asked to step into a bigger role at shooting guard, though the scoring void left by Wade’s absence will be spread among more veteran players elsewhere in Cheap Donegal Gaa Jerseys the lineup.

Rudy Gobert calls out Jazz teammates: ‘Some of us don’t compete’

After Utah’s 108-95 loss to the Clippers on Saturday, Jazz center Rudy Gobert called out some of his teammates for being more worried about their stats Cheap Bruins Jerseys than winning.

Gobert, who scored 26 points and added 14 rebounds in the loss, didn’t single out anyone, but he’s clearly concerned as the Jazz lost for the fourth time in five games.

“We’ve got guys that compete, but some of us don’t compete. Some of us just think about scoring,” Gobert told ESPN. “That’s what it is. … Coach (Quin Snyder) keeps repeating it: We’ve just got to compete. We’re too nice. Those guys, we know they’re going to get calls. We’ve just got to come out aggressive and ready to fight.

“We were trying to open the game up so the current players could run some of that stuff and still have the triangle set where we can get into some stuff. As it turns out it, looking back, it probably wasn’t the greatest thing to do because you’re not focused on one or the other,” coach Jeff Hornacek said Wednesday, via “You’re not getting enough of the same repetition of the same play and they can make reads off it. It’s something we have to make a decision on and just go with it.”

In order to go at this 100 percent, the team needs players who are committed to the offense. Hornacek made it pretty clear that if the players now don’t want to embrace it, then the front office will find players who are.

“If we think that we can somehow, with a fresh start of training camp and go to it right off the bat if that helps us and Phil [Jackson] and [GM] Steve [Mills] we think maybe the same guys on this team could have a different outlook on it then we’ll stay the same,” Hornacek said. “If not they’ll look at other guys.”

We’ll see if the triangle works for New York Cheap Custom Baseball Jerseys next season. We already know it hasn’t been working well this year as the Knicks are 4-10 since the All-Star break.

Larry Brown: Phil Jackson should coach Knicks if he wants triangle offense

Phil Jackson isn’t technically coaching the Knicks, but his coaching philosophy is being pushed on the actual coach, Jeff Hornacek.

The triangle offense took a bit of a leave of absence leading into the All-Star break but has now been brought back. Jackson even seemed giddy about its return as he sent a tweet last week that included an emoji of a triangle along with a birthday wish to the offense’s creator, Tex Winter.

Hornacek also confirmed the new(ish) offense by saying, “There is more of (the triangle). I couldn’t give you a percentage.” Players like Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose also discussed the return of the offense.

But if anyone is worthy of consideration among the favorites, it’s Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas. The 5-9 dynamo is walking the walk, posting 29.7 points per game, good enough for No. 2 in the league, and dominating fourth quarters like few before him to lead Boston to a No. 2 in the Eastern Conference standings.

Apparently, he’s already an MVP trash talker. During the Celtics’ 107-97 loss on the road against the Raptors, Toronto’s DeMarre Carroll was whistled for a flagrant foul NBA Jerseys Cheap after shoving Thomas to the floor in transition. Following the game, Thomas gave Carroll a piece of his mind through the media.

“It was intentional. Did you see it? Yeah, that’s not a basketball New Nike NFL Jerseys play by any means, ” Thomas said. “Guys who aren’t factors in games do stuff like that. It is what it is. You can’t do nothing in this league anymore. It’s not like back in the day. You could put your hands up and fight. You can’t do that. That was not a basketball play whatsoever, and it’s not cool that he did that.”

NBA reportedly finds nothing in Isaiah Thomas’ alleged gun gesture

There was an underlying storyline during the Celtics’ loss to the Raptors Friday night.

All-Star point guard Isaiah Thomas allegedly made a gun gesture US Cheap Jerseys US Cheap Jerseystoward Raptors forward DeMarre Carroll during the second quarter of the game.

Williams was the third overall pick of the 2005 NBA Draft and spent his first six seasons with the Jazz. He spent four-plus seasons with the Nets before joining the Mavericks in 2015.

He averaged 13.1 points, 6.9 assists and 2.6 rebounds in 29.3 minutes through 40 games (all starts) with the Mavericks this season. Williams, who will wear 31 for the Cavaliers, will help spread the ball to scorers LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. He had 10 or more assists in five games this season. Coach Tyronn Lue said he hopes Williams can make his Cleveland debut Wednesday in Boston.

The three-time All-Star has career averages of 16.6 points, 8.2 assists, 3.1 rebounds, and 1.1 steals.

Bulls teammate Jimmy Butler also said Wade looked good at practice Wednesday, and indicated he’s antsy to have Wade playing again.

“He says that he feels good,” Butler said. “Which he’s supposed to say because he wants to come back and play. I don’t want him to hurry back and re-injure it or make it worse, but I want him out there on the floor, so it’s kind of a ‘I want you back, but I don’t want you to jeopardize Very Cheap Jerseys anything.’

“But he was out there today. … It’s easier when he’s out there. It’s easy whenever he’s out there. He makes my job a lot easier, along with everybody else’s. It’s just good to have him, his presence out there. That’s bigger than what he does on the floor. Just having him out there with us.”

The Bulls enterred Wednesday as the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference, but are only half a game ahead of the Heat, which sits in ninth place. Having Wade back on the court could make a big difference in playoff positioning.

The Rooneys’ management philosophy has carried over to their heads of football operations through the years

After a six-year stint in the Twins organization that saw him break into the major leagues in 2016, Dean became a free agent for the first time in his career this past offseason.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” said Dean, a former Cheap Stitched Jerseys third round pick out of Boston College. “My agent asked me my thoughts on possibly playing in Korea because there was a team with interest calling.”

Not wanting to prematurely close any doors, Dean listened to Kia Tigers’ offer and, after talking to former teammates who had played overseas and consulting with his wife Katie, the Naugatuck, Conn., native decided the opportunity was too good to pass up.

So far it looks as though it was a good decision, as Dean has found some success on the mound for the first-place Tigers, posting a 4-5 record and 4.43 ERA in 14 starts in a hitter-friendly league.

While at times the game may look like it comes easy to the lefty, living on the other side of the world in a completely foreign land is anything but. Aside from being thousands of miles away from his wife and family, the language barrier, Dean said, is the toughest part of playing in Korea, and having an interpreter is essential.

The Rooneys’ management philosophy has carried over to their heads of football operations through the years, including current leader Kevin Colbert, who is the first to hold the general manager title. It’s about drafting well, making key free-agent and trade acquisitions and then developing the players with excellent coaching staffs. And not overreacting to anything negative.

Patience is key for this team. That explains it having just three head coaches in the past 48 years: Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin. All three went through occasional losing periods, but those were followed by multiple playoff seasons and Super Bowls.

Then Rivers got the stretch big man he and new Clippers consultant Jerry West were looking for

While the Lakers remained on the sideline in the early going of the offseason, choosing Lonzo Ball with the No. 2 pick in the draft last week, picking up tested prospects Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart late in the first round and doing virtually nothing else in free agency, the Clippers have undergone a shakeup. Star point guard Chris Paul is gone, and in his place, Rivers has added a Cheap San Francisco Giants Jerseys trove of younger and more athletic — though not nearly as talented — players in hopes of replacing Paul with quantity, not quality.

Then Rivers got the stretch big man he and new Clippers consultant Jerry West were looking for, Denver free agent Danilo Gallinari. The hope is that, once Gallinari signs his three-year, $65 million deal with LA, the Clippers can build their offense around Blake Griffin in the post and Gallinari on the wing. Griffin is one of the better passing big men in the league, and with Gallinari’s shooting ability, they’ll be tough for opposing bigs to keep up with.

That’s if they stay healthy, of course. Neither Griffin nor Gallinari have had a fully healthy season in four years.

The flurry of Clipper moves stands in contrast with the lazy summer the Lakers have had. That is a frightening prospect, not so much for Johnson, but for Rivers and West. Johnson and the Lakers loomed over all trade negotiations involving new Thunder forward Paul George, with teams considering a deal for George doing so with the understanding that he’d like to bolt for LA as a free agent next summer.

Oh, and the Lakers are keeping their payroll powder dry for a run at not just George, but LeBron James and/or maybe Russell Westbrook. If there is to be a new super team lined up to challenge the Warriors in the next two years, it’s most likely going to be the Lakers, even Cheap Softball Jerseys For Men if they limp through another uninspiring season in 2017-18.

Team rosters and the full schedule are listed below

In addition, a shooting foul on a missed shot will result in one free throw, and the location of the foul shot will vary. If a player is fouled on a 2-point attempt, he will shoot from the free-throw line. If a player is fouled from beyond the arc, he will shoot from the top of the 3-point line. Same with a 4-point attempt.

Instant replay applies in the new league, too.

Not only does the league boast some of the game’s greatest players of all time, but The Big3 made sure it got the coverage it wanted. Fox Sports 1 will have Gus Johnson, Jim Jackson and Michael Rapaport doing weekly game broadcasts.

Team rosters and the full schedule are listed below; the season Cheap Quality Jerseys will wrap up with the playoffs in Week 9 and the Championship Finals in Week 10.

The Pirates make their second contribution to this list in Sprague. 1999 was his first season in Pittsburgh following several seasons in Toronto and a brief pit stop in Oakland. Sprague was Pittsburgh’s lone representative on the NL team this season, and he came into the game hitting .300/.402/.545 with 16 HR and 53 RBIs.

While those numbers are solid, Sprague was the beneficiary of the “every team must be represented” rule. Chipper Jones started slowly but ended up having the best offensive first half for a third baseman in the NL. Surprisingly, he was left off the All-Star team. Jones would go on to win the MVP this season, so he probably hasn’t lost much sleep over it.

2013 was the first season Brown received regular playing time in the outfield, and he parlayed that opportunity into an ASG appearance. Brown joined Cliff Lee in representing the Phillies at the ASG in 2013. Brown’s first half included an impressive 23 home runs. He hit .273/.320/.535 over that stretch. Brown’s rates held steady in the second half, but the power dropped off considerably. He last appeared in the majors in 2015.

They’re not intending to use free agent Latavius Murray and rookie Dalvin Cook the way they used Peterson.

The teams, then, have to do the learning. Yet it’s still routine in the NFL for players to come in as pet projects of the owner (hello, Johnny Manziel). It’s still routine for coaches and quarterbacks to be on different pages.

And it’s absolutely routine for quarterbacks to find themselves dealing with new coaches every other year … or every year … or before their first year is up. Speaking of Mariota and the Titans, by the way.

Thus, the Vince Young story should be required reading for Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Deshone Kizer and the other precocious quarterbacks Cheap Pirates Jerseys entering the league this year. Mahomes in particular — the general manager who drafted him in Kansas City is already gone, all of two months later.

The lesson: When things go bad, plenty of times it’s you. But just as often, it’s them … and it just doesn’t have to be.

They’re not intending to use free agent Latavius Murray and rookie Dalvin Cook the way they used Peterson. They both have skills in the passing game that Peterson only occasionally did. And, of course, those two are not intended to be workhorses on the ground, not with what the Vikings want to do.

How Shurmur plans to use Murray, Cook, returnee Jerick McKinnon and others, and in what combinations, should be creative and, likely, liberating for longtime observers. Cook in particular is the future, and at his best, he can do it all.

Why he’s here: The Giants gave him a monster contract last Cheap Qld Jerseys winter to fix their bullpen woes. It hasn’t quite worked out that way, as Melancon has as many blown saves this season as he did in all of 2016 and has found his way to the DL twice. It’s not much better than what the Giants got from their bullpen last year, only it’s costing them a lot more money this time. In a year when almost nothing has gone right for the Giants, Melancon’s performance still manages to stand out.

J.R. Smith opens up the scoring with a 3-pointer off a beautiful pass from James.

Kevin Durant is not nice. After two emphatic dunks, the former MVP has 10 points on 5-of-9 shooting. This crowd is going nuts.

Both teams are struggling to hit shots that normally go down. The Cheap Dolphins Jerseys Cavs start 4 of 12 while the Warriors are 5 of 13. It’s all tied up at 12 points apiece heading into the first timeout break.

J.R. Smith opens up the scoring with a 3-pointer off a beautiful pass from James. Then Zaza Pachulia answers with a putback off an offensive rebound. Both teams feeling each other out early.

His short game is working. His midrange game is sharper than ever. And where Durant had been a 32.9 percent 3-point shooter from the arc, he is now mostly unstoppable out there, too.

The Warriors don’t quite know which East team they’ll get in the Finals. Cleveland has dominated the bulk of the conference finals there, but Boston’s comeback stunner in Game 3 has opened a sliver of a chance, even if the Celtics remain heavy underdogs.

A return engagement against the Cavs might not be so bad for Durant. In Cheap Echl Jerseys his only other Finals appearance, with OKC in 2012, he faced LeBron James’ Heat and averaged 30.6 points on 54.8 percent shooting in the Thunder’s five-game loss.

“I’m just proud of the work we’ve put in from the beginning of the season,” Durant said. “We just kept grinding. We didn’t talk about championships or anything. We just wanted to build good habits and have fun some playing some basketball, simple as that. It’s good that we’re here now. Obviously, we want to take that into the next series and try to be great.”

That will be the final test. But through 12 games and three rounds, greatness has been there for Durant.

NBA Draft 2017: Dirk Nowitzki, Draymond Green and the perils of draft comparisons

Jordan Bell is eager to talk about it. Bring up his style of play and the way he can impact a game on the defensive end, and the NBA player who obviously comes to mind not particularly tall for a big man, able to use length to block shots inside and quickness to switch on the perimeter and defend guards is Warriors star Draymond Green.

“He’s undersized, he’s one of those players you can’t really say what position he is,” Bell said. “He’s a force on defense. I think I can do that, be exactly who I was in college. Defending, shot-blocker, one guy who can guard multiple positions, that’s exactly what teams like about me. That’s what they’ll ask me to do.”

As a member of the Hawks, and now the Celtics, Al Horford had trouble taking down any team led by James. In fact, he was 0-14 heading into Sunday night’s game against the Cavs. But, with the win, Horford is now 1-14, which still isn’t impressive, but it’s better than nothing.

The Celtics were able to win despite a dominate performance from the Cavs at the free throw line. Cleveland shot 36 free throws in the game compared to just 12 for the Cheap Blackhawks Jerseys Celtics. It’s not often you see that big of a discrepancy at the free throw line and have the leading team lose.

There were a handful of productive UDFAs to come out of this year. Isaiah Crowell was one of the Browns’ few bright spots last year, while Willie Snead and Allen Hurns became quality starters for the Saints and Jaguars, respectively. And of course, there’s cornerback Malcolm Butler, who Cheap Chelsea Jerseys did a thing in Super Bowl 49 and instantly became a household name.