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Tim Tebow should become a knuckleballer

Tim Tebow is an outfielder for the Mets’ Low-A team, the Columbia Fireflies. He’s 29 years old in a league where the average player is seven-and-a-half years younger than that, and he’s batting .226/.324/.349. That on-base percentage is actually pretty all right, since the Sally League average is .318. But Tebow strikes out constantly at a level where opposing pitchers are spending more time trying to refine a given pitch on a given night than they are trying to get hitters out.

It’s not that Tebow has zero chance of getting better, it’s just that, athletically, he’s on the wrong end of his peak years and he hasn’t even been able to play well at the lowest full-season level in Major League Baseball. It happens, though, and the fact he’s even doing this well is impressive given high school baseball was a lifetime ago.

If he wants to keep playing baseball and have a chance at moving up, we have one suggestion. Quit this whole outfielder thing. It’s time to devote yourself to pitching, but not just any pitching: It’s time for Tim Tebow to become a knuckleballer.

You might ask: What evidence is there that Tebow can throw a knuckler, the most unpredictable pitch there is? And I would counter: Have you ever seen Tim Tebow throw a football?

You’ve got to get them out of that stage to the ‘longer I can do this’ phase. Some guys get out of it earlier than other, but to me it’s about how you internalize what you hear.

Tally them up and you’ll have a good idea if the team is something of a mirage. When the Twins go on a winning stretch on the back of Miguel Sano’s bat, for example, that makes sense.

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