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Andy Dalton looking forward to seeing Bill Lazor’s offensive changes

Offensive coordinator Bill Lazor has spent the offseason revamping the Bengals’ playbook. No one knows exactly what the changes entail, not even Andy Dalton. But the quarterback can’t wait to get started.

The sense I’m getting is there is going to be a lot of change and a lot of learning, which is a good thing, Dalton said, via Geoff Hobson of the team website. I think it’s good to challenge yourself and kind of re-fresh yourself on what you’re doing. When you’re hearing the same thing for seven straight years, it can be mundane and you already know it. Now it’s new and fresh, and I’m looking forward to it.

Like Jeter, Mattingly spent his entire playing career with the Yankees. He was appointed captain by owner George Steinbrenner from 1991-95, a role held by Jeter from 2003-14.

It’s like growing up in the same family with the same parents, Mattingly said. We both came through the system. You know what’s expected. There’s a way to go about your business, and I think that’s what Derek is bringing to the organization.

That said, neither Rapoport nor Garafolo believes Wednesday’s reports represent a ploy by Brady to expedite those talks. In fact, Brady’s public statements on the matter have left no doubt that he intends to return for a 19th NFL season.

While the offseason has brought unprecedented speculation about Tom Brady ‘s future in New England, owner Robert Kraft recently noted that neither side has an issue with the future Hall of Famer’s contract.

If it becomes an issue, Kraft added, we’ll deal with it.

The Patriots might find themselves dealing with the matter sooner than Kraft imagined.

When you look at the locker room and see the guys we have, obviously when Jo [Embiid] gets back, the sky’s the limit, Ilyasova said.

That’s how it felt after Game 1. After the four years of losing. After extending this 17-game win streak that has the entire city buzzing. It has been a hell of a year in Philadelphia already, with the Eagles winning the Super Bowl and Villanova coasting to its second NCAA title in three years. It’s also too soon to get ahead of the process for these young Sixers.

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Thanks to Anthony Rizzo’s slide and Joe Maddon, the Cubs are now more villainous

Maybe you’re familiar with a concept we introduced earlier this season: The Cubs Villainy Meter. It’s meant to contextualize this new world where the Cubs are not lovable (or, at the least, pitiable) losers, and are instead defending World Champions. It’s meant to be an ongoing look so we know just how far away from their roots the Cubs have strayed, and if they can reach the vile heights that former losers-turned-heels like the Red Sox and Giants have.

If you want to justify the empty calories, check out this brussel sprout of a paragraph:

Home runs are so easy to come by that teams are more likely to just wait for them rather than be creative. Sacrifice hits are at an all-time low. Intentional walks have been at near-record-low levels the past four years. Nobody has stolen 75 bases in 10 years. The hit-and-run is an endangered play. The veteran pinch hitter has been eliminated so that teams can carry eight relief pitchers.

Sacrifice bunts are boring as hell. Even if they were good strategy, which they often aren’t, there’s no joy to be found in them. If you can get excited about a typical sacrifice bunt, you can get excited about a crafty tax deduction, and good for you. But I’m not there. Intentional walks are one of the least exciting events in baseball. The hit-and-run is fun when it works, and it’s miserable when it fails. And while I carry a soft spot in my heart for Lenny Harris and Matt Stairs, I’m not going to pretend like I’ve spent a lot of time pining for the modern equivalents.

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