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Do dinosaurs exist? These Texans teammates can’t agree on the answer

Most people would agree that at some point long ago dinosaurs roamed the Earth. There are fossils to prove their existence, and other scientific data that says the same. But other people aren’t convinced, and likely won’t ever be convinced about the existence of dinosaurs.

We saw this a few years ago with William Haynes when he was on HBO’s Hard Knocks and now we have the same debate with another football player. While stirring up some training camp conversation with his locker neighbor, J.J. Watt discovered D.J. Reader doesn’t believe in dinosaurs.

The first thing we got to get Colin to do is cut his hair, Vick said on FS1 to Jason Whitlock. I don’t think he should represent himself in that way in terms of the hairstyle. Just go clean cut.

Everything takes precedent in terms of image and perception. You gotta clean it up, you gotta make sure you do it all right, Vick continued before saying, That’s what I would tell Colin if we were sitting face to face.

Outside of the respectability in Vick’s words, you have to understand who is setting the precedent that Vick defends himself with. White consumers, owners, coaches, and more are the gatekeepers of this ideology. Black hair has often made the majority uncomfortable, whether publicly or professionally. It’s been seen since the ’60s and ’70s as a political statement, especially an afro. But, it’s naive to think Kaepernick would be closer to game day if he had a fade instead of a fro.

If your hair is relaxed, white people are relaxed, Paul Mooney, a popular comedian, said in a documentary titled Good Hair, created by Chris Rock. If your hair is nappy, they’re not happy.

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